It’s In The Bag…

Hello, hello!  Hoppy April!  Yes, I did the corny bunny joke since Easter is coming up later this month and I’ll probably forget about it that week.  Anyway, I had zero ideas what to blog about today, so I went to this post and convinced myself I would do the third thing on the list (because it’s the 3rd).  It seems pretty silly to me, but apparently people believe that what people carry around in their bags (purses, backpacks, fanny packs, whatever) can tell you a lot about them.  You probably won’t learn anything about me, but if you do, feel free to share it with me!


First off, I don’t have a bag or purse or anything extravagant like that.  I have a pouch that Dad bought me from Thatcher’s Leather Artistry during one of our long ago trips to the Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival.  It’s small enough to tuck it away for short trips out of the house and, if we’re going to be out for the day, there’s a little loop on the back so we can hang it on my seatbelt where I don’t have to worry about it falling off somewhere.  It’s durable.  I can’t even remember how long I’ve had it and it’s still going strong.  But most importantly, it has a dragon on it and I love it.

Be jealous. ^__~

As far as the stuff that goes in it, there isn’t much.  I keep a handful of my own business cards that I always forget about, thus never giving them away.  There were originally ten of the new ones and I’m pretty sure there still are.  I also have at least one of my old cards as well.  Plus a bunch of other people’s business cards that I collected along the way, though those get purged about once a year, whenever they get unruly.  There’s also a library card that I haven’t used in years and some other random cards.  But, of course, I always forget to toss the gift cards I’ve accumulated in there, so I never have one during my rare stops at Starshmucks or whatever.

There’s also a little baggy of pills hidden in its depths.  Don’t get excited, pouch thieves.  It’s just Dad’s diabetes pills in case we’re out for our first meal of the day and he hasn’t taken his meds yet.  Anyone who steals those won’t get high, but they might end up in a low sugar coma!  I suppose that could be fun.  But yeah, that’s in there.

It’s a nifty little thing.

I also got this little card holder thing recently.  It holds the few semi-important things I have: my ID, etc.  If the sigil makes no sense, it’s from Supernatural, so don’t worry about it.  I mostly just got it because it was on sale and the colors match my pouch.

Other than that, I don’t keep anything in my pouch.  Not even change.  I might drop a lipstick in on the extremely rare occasion that I wear makeup and we’re going to be out all day, but that’s a once every five years thing.  What about you?  What does your bag say about you?  What does mine say about me?  Whatever it is, it’s probably wrong.  Feel free to comment here or on my social media pages!

A Look Inside Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival

Hi all!  I know I said I’d be doing a food review today (don’t worry, food will be involved), but this one’s going to be a little more expansive since you can’t JUST talk about the treats at a renfest.  I admit I didn’t get any pictures, so they will either be borrowed from Scarborough Faire’s website or Facebook page, or they will be from my older collections.  The same rating scale shall apply.

MMMMM = Everything is magnificent!
MMMM = Great, but something is off.
MMM = Pretty good, but a couple of things could be better.
MM = The bad’s starting to outweigh the good.
M = Definitely more cons than pros.
… = I couldn’t find anything nice to say.

The first sign you see when passing through the gate! From their Facebook page.

Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival
2511 FM 66
Waxahachie, TX 75167

I’m going to get a little more in depth on accessibility here than I usually do, simply because there’s more to talk about.  It’s a renfest, so there are dirt roads (usually fairly well maintained, though it was a bit bumpy this year), there’s gravel, there’s rocks, there’s grass.  In other words, it’s out in nature.  Don’t expect a super smooth ride.  The majority of the artisan booths have accessible entrances, but due to shifts in the rocks and gravel and all that, even the accessible entrances aren’t always accessible.  Not to fear!  I’ve never run across an uppity booth owner.  They usually offer to bring things to me for a closer look if I can’t get to their stuff.  Nice people do exist!  Eating areas… These places are usually picnic-style tables, so your best bet is to grab a corner or hold stuff in your lap.  Lastly, if you’re not careful on the varying terrains, you might just get stuck (I’ve done it).  Don’t freak out.  There are always people around who are willing to help.  I got stuck once this last trip, and before Dad could walk the five steps back to me, someone was asking if they could help.  In conclusion, the whole accessibility thing might be a little wonky at times, but the faire does its best to make sure everyone gets the full experience.  Plus, when all else fails, kind and helpful people exist, and apparently they all go to Scarborough Faire.

Beef ribs! From their Facebook page.

On to the food… Best turkey legs ever (so good that I couldn’t find a picture without someone’s face in the way)!  The beef ribs are a must have.  Ignore the fancy presentation, you’ll get meat and possibly chips, which I’m totally okay with.  If you’re looking for veggies, search the plethora of kitchens.  I’m sure you’ll find something.  Also, you can find pretty much anything you want on a stick, including key lime pie.  There’s lots of sweets.  For the drinkers among us, I suggest the mead.  They also have a decent selection of beer and wine and a few frozen choices.

An eagle from the Birds of Prey show in 2009. From my collection.

The faire has entertainment for all ages and most senses of decency.  You can’t be a total prude at a renfest, it’s just not possible.  There are too many fun shows to run through them all, so pick up a program and check out what intrigues you.  Don Juan and Miguel are always fun.  Iris and Rose are great if you’re into the naughty side of things.  And, for the more literary minded, go see Zilch the Tory Steller.  Or just walk around and people watch.  It’s not creepy when you do that here!

I suppose I should mention that this isn’t a cheap endeavor, but I still encourage you to splurge one day and get your geek on.  It’s fun!  Do eet!

And lastly, the rating:
(Normally, the accessibility issues would have knocked off an M, but they get an A+ for effort!)