Music Shuffle Game

Howdy, howdy! How’s your May going? Things are okay here. Mostly just waiting to see if I hear back from publishers. Send good vibes for that! That’s about it, really. I avoided writing this post until the last minute again. There was even a point where I was literally a doorstop to keep the pupper from escaping while Dad did stuff in the front yard. He had to run an air hose through the house, so the front door wouldn’t latch. It happens. But I listened to music while I sat there holding the door mostly closed and randomly thought of those stupid MySpace games where you answer a questionnaire by shuffling your music and answering with the first song title that pops up. Remember? No? I’m showing my age? Whatever. Anyway, we’re playing that game today. I apologize in advance for my taste in music.

1. How am I feeling today? We are Golden (by Mika). Not really, but okay.
2. Will I get far in life? Landslide (by Fleetwood Mac). So, no?
3. What Is my best friend’s theme song? Dejavu (by Luna Sea). I have no idea. I guess I should start into translations again.
4. What was high school like? Oye Como Va (by Santana). Sure. Why not?
5. What is the best thing about me? Pixy (by Buck-Tick). It’s Buck-Tick, so I’m happy.
6. How was yesterday? Louie Louie (by the Kingsmen). I guess?
7. What is my love life like? You Can’t Judge a Book by its Cover (by Bo Diddley). Mostly because mine is blank.
8. What would my parents say about me? Kanashimi Johnny (by Kiyoharu). Who’s Johnny and why is he so sad?
9. What song will they play at my funeral? Pain (by Jimmy Eat World). Eh… maybe.
10. How does the world see me? Fluorescent Adolescent (by Arctic Monkeys). Awww… you think I’m young.
11. What do my friends really think of me? Guilty (by Barbra Streisand with Barry Gibbs). I’m an innocent angel, thanks very much.
12. What is the world keeping a secret from me? Fire (by Jimi Hendrix). But I just want to watch the world burn…
13. How do I make myself happy? Light On (by David Cook). What does that even mean?
14. What should I do with my life? Spectacular Rival (by George Ezra). Dude… I’m far too lazy for a rivalry.
15. Will I have children? Look After You (by the Fray). Nope. No. Nah.
16. What is some good advice? Only a Human (by George Ezra). “You can run, you can jump, might fuck it up…”
17. What type of people do I like? Obscure (by Dir en Grey). I think I make it pretty clear, actually.
18. What will my dying words be? Break Stuff (by Limp Bizkit). I mean… maybe?
19. What is your motto? Someday (by Nickelback). That works.
20. What makes you laugh? Bleeding Love (by Leona Lewis). What?
21. What makes you cry? The Islander (by Nightwish). So, avoid people from islands?
22. What scares you most? A Beautiful Morning (by the Rascals). Mornings in general are terrible and shouldn’t exist.
23. What hurts right now? Everything (by Lifehouse). Accurate.
24. My innermost desire is: Dance with the Devil (by Breaking Benjamin). Sure. Why not?
25. My theme song: Loser (by Three Doors Down). That is accurate and insulting.

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