A Look Inside the Tuscan Brick Oven Bistro

Welcome!  Today, I’m going to try something new.  Since I have a weird obsession with food, I was thinking that I would review some of the places I’ve eaten.  On top of the usual food and service nitpicking, I’m going to throw in an accessibility rating.

First off, let me explain my overall rating system.  You know when you bite into something and you just go “Mmmmm…”  Well, that’s my system.

MMMMM = Everything is magnificent!
MMMM = Great, but something is off.
MMM = Pretty good, but a couple of things could be better.
MM = The bad’s starting to outweigh the good.
M = Definitely more cons than pros.
… = I couldn’t find anything nice to say.

The first restaurant I want to talk about is one that I found in Freeport, ME while there in January.  It’s called the Tuscan Brick Oven Bistro.

Host Stand (from their website)

Now, unfortunately I’m the type of person who eats her food, rather than taking pictures of it, so I don’t have many visuals.  Any that I do have are pulled from their website (link above).

First and foremost, this restaurant gets major credit for being accessible in a town where accessibility is highly questionable.  In other words, my dad and I tried to go to numerous places in Freeport only to discover that many didn’t even have ramps.  Back to Tuscan Bistro’s accessibility.  It has the whole two doorways entry, but there was plenty of room for me to go in, and move to the side so someone could open the next door.  Luckily, both times we went (yeah, we went twice in 10 days), we had friends with us, so it wasn’t an issue.  The tables were a little high, but nothing out of the normal range.

Next, is the service.  Both times, the waitresses interacted with me, so they get bonus points.  It’s not unoften that I get ignored by waiters and waitresses (it’s something about the whole cripple thing, I guess), so when they treat me like a human, they’re basically golden.  That being said, service was a little slow, which I’m okay with.  I enjoy having time to digest between servings.  If you want fast, let them know.

The food!  Both times, we ordered the Salumi Misto to start.  Basically, it’s a meat platter (a surprising find in the health conscious state).  A delicious plate of meat.  For entrees, the first time I got the Four Cheese Ravioli (no meat, but absolutely wonderful for cheese-lovers like me) and the second one was the Bolognese (it’s almost as good as Dad’s ragù. Almost).


 As far as dessert goes, I remember it was good, but I don’t really remember what we got.  In other words, it was less than memorable.  I know I wasn’t disappointed at the time, but I would definitely have preferred to be as impressed with dessert as the rest of the meal.

Lastly, the price.  It wasn’t the cheapest meal, but for what we got, it was a decent price.

My overall rating!

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