Questions for My Readers

Hello, hello! How’s everyone doing? I’m okay, just a bit sad still. Lady (the doggo) died on Friday. She’d been sick for a couple of weeks. We found out she had congestive heart failure, but with meds, she seemed to be getting better for a week or so, then she got worse again and we couldn’t really do anything. We had an appointment with the vet that afternoon (originally it was to check her progress, but we had decided she would probably need to be put down), but she didn’t make it. So, yeah. I haven’t exactly been brimming with motivation since then (not that I had any before then either). I don’t even feel like writing a long blog post today, so I thought I would just ask for y’alls opinion regarding social media platforms.

R.I.P. to the happiest and lovingest doggo ever.

As you probably know, I post once a day, six days a week on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Between that and maintaining a website with up-to-date publications and being at least a little active on GoodReads, I can’t really think of anything else a writer needs. So, my main question for you is, as a reader (or a writer), what social media platforms do you feel are most important? Do I have a decent selection or should I include something like Pinterest or TikTok or any others you can think of? And lastly, if you prefer other platforms (or even if you have suggestions for my current pages), what kind of content would you like to see from me?

I’ll be back next week with our regularly scheduled book review. Until then, feel free to share your answers and thoughts here or on my social media pages!

4 thoughts on “Questions for My Readers

  1. Condolences on Lady. It’s always sad to lose a pet. As for social media, it depends what your goals are. Facebook, Twitter and WordPress/blogs are the big ones for writers (does Goodreads count?), but if you wanted to be where the writers *aren’t* then TikTok or YouTube would be better. I blogged about a writer (Jenna Moreci) who turned to YouTube specifically because she wanted to stand out from the crowd and YouTube was relatively unpopulated at the time (don’t know if that’s changed). Scroll down for the bit about Jenna:

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    1. I don’t really know what I want from social media, so I guess I’m just curious about what people expect from writers. It’s just so confusing with everything constantly going in and out of fashion.


  2. I’m so sorry to hear about Lady! My ragdoll cat, Lorelai, had to be put down very unexpectedly back in January because of heart failure and I still find myself looking for her in her favorite napping spots (and vacuuming up her fur). It will get better!

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    1. I’m sorry to hear about Lorelai! ❤ But all the fur. So much fur. Our Roomba is still finding it and pushing it into the middle of the floor like some kind of prize.


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