Summer Haze

Howdy, howdy! How’s everyone doing today? Are you ready for the holidays? Things here are quiet. I’m lazy and didn’t do Christmas cards again this year (shame on me). Dad’s going to make a shepherd’s pie for Christmas dinner (huzzah!). I still need to decide what I want for my birthday dinner. But I’m getting off track. Today, we’re here to ramble about another number thing, so let’s see what we’ve got. Matt chose 37 (because he likes to be difficult/funny, not because he didn’t know there were only 15). Jokes on him though, because I decided since 3+7=10, I’d make his choice 10 instead. I’ve already covered 13 (you can find the prompt list there), 7, 2, 8, and 3. Numbers 6, 14, 11, and 1 are yet to come. This week’s prompt is “Tell me which book is your favorite to read in the summer.” Hmmm…

That’s a weird question. Or maybe I’m just weird because I don’t have a type of book that I prefer in certain seasons. Is this something people do? Is this what they mean by a beach read? Something written to evoke all the summertime feels? I’m in Texas, in case you forgot. Summertime feels are 100+ degree days and bugs. All the bugs. I don’t care how much a book romanticizes the heat and humidity and bugs, a Texas summer is still not great. You get like three days when you can sit outside in decent temperatures and not get ravaged by mosquitoes. And I like the heat. I don’t think many of my northern peeps would survive down here, though. No matter how many books they had to distract them.

But I digress. Back to my preferred summertime reads. At that point in the year, I’m usually looking at my reading goals and am either woefully behind or a few books ahead. If I’m slacking on my reading, I usually look for a few shorter, easier reads. Cozy mystery series that I’m already into and not going to review beyond a star rating. Poetry collections that I can read in a day or two. Fun, fluffy YA stuff. Things I can get through pretty quickly. But if I’m ahead with my reading goals, summertime is usually when I reward myself with whatever 500+ page fantasy I’ve been putting off. I have three or four on my list right now. So, it really depends on my goals and motivation.

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy seasonal themes in books, but they don’t actually have any impact on when I choose to read them. I’ll read Christmas and Halloween themed stuff year round. I’m not picky. I just grab whatever tickles my fancy at any given time. I don’t usually even notice the season unless it plays a big part in the book. And I have zero interest in a specific genre in summer. I think some people get nostalgic for certain things during certain times of the year. Maybe that’s why lean towards different books at different times. I don’t know. I just grab whatever looks good.

What about you? Do you gravitate toward a specific type of book during the summer? Or do you re-read a specific book around then? Or are you a chaotic reader like me? As always, feel free to share your thoughts and questions and comments here or on my social media pages!

8 thoughts on “Summer Haze

  1. I agree with you about summer here.
    The heat, mugginess, bugs, but the Circadia’s are the rhythm of the heartbeat of our dirty South.
    So a favorite summer book for summer maybe explains why I like the Southern classics, “To Kill a Mockingbird”, “The Heart is a Lonely Runner”, and “The Sound and the Fury”.

    That mentioning of a Shepard’s Pie is making my stomach rumble.
    I know that will be class (as they say in the Isles) and tasty!

    I gorged on burritos, pizza, and chili con queso y serrano y jalapeno with cantina tortilla chips yesterday watching Argentina beat Croatia, so my next day empty stomach is larger and growling like a bear.
    I’ll go the tzatziki sauce on toasted pita bread sandwiches today with toasted smoked provolone and honey turkey watching Morocco win and continue the dream of catenaccio in the 1/2ths of The World Cup.

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    1. You’re alive! Yay!

      I’ll have to give The Heart is a Lonely Hunter a try. It sounds interesting.

      Queso sounds good right now. And your pita plans are making me want a gyro. I’m hungry now.


      1. I just woke up at 2:30pm, cooked some corn pone (muffin mix with no milk or butter; of a weebit of funky Venezulan margarine called mavesa with Pioneer sausage flavored, cream white gravy with a mug of Nestles double dutch scholade and two big cup’s of Mr. Lee’s Green Tea (yup! the one with the cute, cuddly Panda on the box), and was wondering…………..

        WHY are we DISCUSSING SUMMER???
        It’s that Reading Is Fundamental calendar.

        I did catch the end of this gem filmed entirely in NYC, The Big Apple!

        The ORACLE (1985)

        I particularly loved the end with the main charcter, a young slim brunette is sitting in occultism study with a RAVEN on a perch and an obscure feather pen that has a human hand not a roller ball/ball point at the end! Maybe it has a claw for ink.

        be back later….

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