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Hello, hello! How’s everyone doing? Are you ready for turkey day (or just Thursday depending on where you are)? It’s going to be another small one this year with the lady across the street as well as my minion and one of his spawn (if they show up on time. If either of you are reading this, here’s an additional reminder that dinner is at 4). But I’m not here to yammer about Thanksgiving! It’s time for another number. Jenae (hugs, sis!) picked number 8. So far, we’ve covered 13 (you can find the prompt list there), 7, and 2. Numbers 3, 10, 6, 14, 11, and 1 are all going to be answered in the coming weeks. There are a few left, so feel free to pick one and let me know. Today’s prompt: Tell me which book had the best movie or show adaptation. Yikes.

I’m not really qualified to answer this one. I mean, I watch a lot of stuff based on books, like most of the cozy mystery stuff and British mysteries. Midsomer Murders, Shetland, Vera just to name a few. The shows are great. Are they good adaptations? I have no clue. I’ve yet to read any of the books they’re based on. And the shows that I should have some experience with the accompanying books, I either haven’t read or read so long ago that I remember nothing. I vaguely remember reading an Agatha Christie book featuring Poirot, but have no clue if the series with David Suchet did it justice. It probably did because it was a good series, but I don’t really know. Shame on me for not reading more.

And if we’re talking movies, I’m even worse because I don’t watch many. Sure, I could talk about Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit (none of which were super great, though LotR was by far the best of these). That’s about it, though. Oh! Coraline was a pretty good adaptation. It held the creepy air of the book. So that was fun. But mostly I can’t think of movies based on books that I’ve actually read the book version of. I don’t know if I should read more mainstream stuff or what.

Manga to anime is a little better for me. I love both of the Fullmetal Alchemist anime, but prefer Brotherhood as an adaptation. The original is wonderful and I’ve watched it so many times, but it was created alongside the manga and when it reached the end of what was available in the manga, it took a turn and became its own story. Brotherhood follows the manga more closely. Sailor Moon is another one where I prefer the newer releases as adaptations, but still love the original anime for what it was. The original used the manga as a guide, but there was a lot of padding and fluff added in. I love it, though. Cardcaptor Sakura was a fun adaptation too. And please be aware that I’m not talking about the old Americanized versions of SM (with the creepy cousins thing because cousins who flirted with and blushed at each other was somehow less disturbing to kids than lesbians) and CCS (with the random blushing between dudes because they were “jealous” of each other or some similar BS and totally not crushing on each other). Those were awful. But anyway, my knowledge of adaptations is weak even with manga/anime.

Best cousins ever.

I admit it. I’m not a movie or TV buff. I’m not even good about reading things that are popular enough to be turned into movies or shows. Oh well. What are some of your favorite adaptations? Did you see the movie/show first or read the book first? As always, feel free to leave your questions or comments here or on my social media pages!

10 thoughts on “Movies and TV

  1. As for TV this morenth, and to heck with Thanksgiving due to being poor working at UPS, but most of all,

    WORLD CUP aka COPA MUNDIAL is my crescent moon pie!

    Saudi Arabia is the master of tactical defense, most of all the offsides trap, and then cutting down the passing lanes with the point defender on GEGEN (pressing)!

    Herve Renard is a mastero, the Arab’s technical director.

    But back to the original post,
    Since you mentioned Midsomer Murders, a KERA standy,
    of which I haven’t read yet,

    You can find some of the TV episodes and book readings on YouTube too.

    I have to break down all the episodes.

    He is a great cop! 😉 hahaha


    BATTLE of the AXIS at 7am!

    Fox or FS1

    I have to still see where that SAILOR MOON car went or hopefully stayed at Murphy’s Gas by the Wally World in RC.

    I do believe that the Bavarian Grill is open. Just in a new place…..

    Take care my Lady!
    Thanks for letting me muse on your blog.
    I need a liter of dunkels and a weiner schintzel!

    I hope my grocery store Cabernet Sauvignon holds out for big game.
    My biscuits and gravy sure will!!
    Watching tape of the Argentina 1 : 2 Saudi Arabia game now.
    I think I will have to watch my Morocco play Croatia next.
    Tunisia and Morocco always overplay all the other African Nations teams that have much more superior, individual talent, but lack of French coaching and TEAMWORK.

    Baby! FRANCE is definitely the team to beat too at this Human Right’s, Desert Copa Mundial.
    I have to see what Brasil has to offer,
    and my beloved Germany!

    talk later……………………………..
    I talk too much hahaha

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