Pupper Post

Howdy, howdy! How’s everyone doing this lovely day? I’m tired and lacking things to ramble about. Allergies are evil. And sleep is elusive for some reason. It’s never great, but the past few nights it’s been worse than usual. Anyway, that’s my excuse for making this a lazy post. It’s been a while since I’ve shared pupper pictures here, so you need a dose of cuteness.

That was Mardi on April 8th. She was looking a little sheepdogish. So cute, right?

That was Mardi on the 19th after a groom by Mindy’s Mobile Pet Styling! She looks like a different doggo, but she’s still the same spoiled brat.

And that was a week ago after she got stuck under the deck and Dad had to dig her out. She had a bath afterwards and became white again. Then, a few days ago, she jumped in the pond and went for a swim. First one of the year. Yes, she knows how to get out by herself. No pictures of that.

I think Mardi’s living her best life.

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