I Still Have Nothing To Ramble About

Howdy, howdy! How’s everyone doing this fine Wednesday? I’m lacking things to blog about. Again. So, I vaguely remembered sharing one of those “Ask me about…” things on Facebook and never actually answering most of them that Jenae picked or the one Joe chose, so I’ll do those here. I’ll also put the list of questions here, so feel free to pick any you want added to the blog post list. Jen chose 13, 31, 41, and 54. Joe chose 7. Multiple selections are acceptable, but I’ll only answer one per post to drag this out as long as I can. That means first up is 13: Ask me about what I did yesterday.

First, I need to figure out if yesterday means today since you’ll be reading this tomorrow or if it means Monday since today is Tuesday. Not that it makes much difference. My days slide into each other. Let’s go with Monday! It started off a little slow because Dad had to keep going out to check the pond during our usual routine. We have a leak somewhere, but he has to test certain areas in order to narrow down where in the pond or waterfall it’s at. Anyway, things started slow but okay.

For breakfast (lunch? It’s usually around 2:30 because I’m lazy and don’t get up until after noon), Dad made Matzo Brei for the first time. He used America’s Test Kitchen’s recipe (I borrowed the picture below from them) and topped it with some salmon, dill, and crema. It was yummy. Be jealous. While he was making that, I posted on my author profiles and played my stupid games. While we ate, we watched an episode of Murdoch Mysteries.

Afterwards, Dad did stuff in his shop and I mostly just read. I got through a chapter in my review book, which I’m weirdly ahead on. And I almost finished my for fun book. I also checked random stuff that I need to keep an eye on. But mostly just read and played stupid games.

For dinner, we had leftover brisket and beans. Mmm. We watched Dalgliesh because for some reason, Acorn didn’t have the latest Brokenwood episode up. Then, Dad went outside and I did the crossword. When he came back in, we watched an episode of My Family and I ate a Jason’s Deli version of a Rice Krispie treat. Then, stupid games until the bedtime routine began.

I’m boring. I know. Don’t forget to pick a number! And as usual, feel free to leave your comments or questions or whatever here or on my social media pages!

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