Sweet Nothings

Hello, hello! How’s everyone doing this lovely Wednesday? Things here are pretty okay. Just reading a lot and that’s about it. I try writing and eventually give up after a few days. Can’t even force it. Anyway, I’m not here to complain. It’s time for another of those “ask me about” prompts. I’ve done 13 (you can find the prompt list there) and 31. Today is 41. Next month I’ll answer 54 and 7. Feel free to pick more numbers to add to the list. But let’s see the prompt for today! Ask me about the nicest thing said to me…

Well, this is difficult. I’m not someone who knows how to deal with people saying nice things to me, so I usually just file them away as people being kind but not really meaning anything by it. Thus, I forget those things. You can only get so many “You’re so inspirational” and “If I were you, I’d never get out of bed” types of comments before you start realizing people are just nuts. Eh, that’s unfair. They think they’re being nice. It’s not. It’s low key ableism. But that’s not what this post is about! This is about my inability to take a compliment.

Unless those compliments are super weird, then I’m okay. I still remember the time the dude said my eyes were like blue crystal and he wanted to cut them out and hang them on the wall. A friend dude, not a stranger dude. Even I would be like “Stranger danger!” if I didn’t know the person. Don’t tell strangers things like this, please. Anyway, this same dude also told me that he forgets he doesn’t have to explain his creepiness to me and is glad I’m crazy too. So, those were good compliments.

Me trying to figure out how all my friends end up being creepy.

Believe it or not, he’s not even the weirdest person I know/have known. Anyway, I’ve also been told normal things too. Back when I was studying psychology at SMU, I had to take an extra random science course because one of the ones I did at Eastfield didn’t transfer. I chose Physics. The teacher dude lagged behind after lab one day just to tell me that psychology was kind of a science, but I should pursue a real science degree… preferably in physics. It was funny and weirdly nice. I would’ve if I’d had more time on my scholarship, but I didn’t and I would’ve needed too many math courses to catch up even if I had enough time for the regular physics degree, so somehow (blame Dad if you know the story) I ended up switching gears entirely… to English. So science-y, right?

I could probably list more nice things now that I’m thinking about it, but I won’t. It feels awkward to dwell on these things. I like randomly recalling them, but thinking about them in order to write about them is weird in the creepy way. So, your turn. What nice things have people said to you? As always, leave your thoughts and comments here or on my social media pages!

5 thoughts on “Sweet Nothings

  1. I have a degree in physics and no one cares in the USA about it for employment. So so much for STEM. US only cares about making money in the short term in my estimation of opinion.

    I did take a psychology course.
    I always remember the professor saying that Sigmund Freud started the study of psychology, but everything he said was not true.
    So I always thought the logic behind psychology is very weak and shady due to that. They basically null and voided their own science from the founder hahaha

    And I would have maybe used my physics degree if I had gotten my electrical engineering degree but the math behind accounting is much easier.

    And US can eat a root….or STEM!

    Back to work …..

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  2. First I’ll give a compliment before I saw one or two I’ve got:

    * I still tell people about your story in Dark Cheer: Cryptids Emerging (Volume Silver). “The Water Horse” is 789 words of *chef’s kiss* perfection. You got me on the second line with “eyes bright as amethysts…purple, dear.” MORE CHEF’S KISS GESTURES.

    * My weirdest compliment was someone reading a story I wrote and comparing me to chocolate that she wanted to lick. That was…not a compliment.

    * My best one is being told something I wrote made someone happy and I will take those all day!

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